Above ground CLASSIC pools in a large range of shapes and sizes. Round, Oval and Teardrop shapes in sizes from 4.5m up to 18m x 7.3m. Filtration systems, including sand and cartridge filters and pump and motor units. BIO BLU chemical treatments for chlorine free swimming. Polaris automatic pool cleaners, designed especially for above ground pools. Internal stairs exclusive to Hunter Pools. Heavy duty pool liners. Freight arranged throughout Australia.

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Extreme Stainless Steel

The new and exclusive Extreme Stainless Steel Salt Water pool is here! After many years of use in the commercial…

Salt Water

Our Salt Water pools are a stylish and functional resin pool which is salt water compatible and can be…
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Freshwater Pool

Designed to suit most families’ lifestyles and backyards, our Freshwater Pool is a reliable swimming pool that will be enjoyable…

Lap Pools

Attractive and functional, a Lap Pool provides a pool for serious exercise as well as relaxation and could be the…
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